I have developed a simple electronic drumset for sale to interested computer/music enthusiasts.  It consists of a custom MIDI trigger interface and a percussion pad set with two foot pedals. If interested, drop me some e-mail. I'm username yerpa58 at the server named gmail.com

The prototype is workable. It is fun to use even in its unfinished state. Since I haven't exactly been overwhelmed by e-mail, I'll just keep plugging along at my own snail-like pace.

If you are interested in the source code, click Here. Notice the date in the file and laugh!

Holy cow its 27 FEB 2002 and I'm back at it.  I got one of those gas-powered soldering irons and was looking for something to burn!  So, I put the two foot pedals together and wired 'em up.  They work well but the MIDI assignments are crap, one of them is a scratchboard sound and the other is some kind of snare drum.  I guess patching that will be next.

February 2012 Ruminations (like cows do): When I first developed it back in 1997, decent drum voice modules to connect to my MIDI sensors were nearly $1000 each. Now they are under $100. It is no wonder that the people I contacted in 1997 were leery about funding me back then. But it wasn't a waste. I still use the damn thing!

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