Justice & Money

One day when I was working at Montgomery Wards in Green Bay, a big white guy came in to the mens clothing department and took three or four of their most expensive suits into the changing room. He came out a few minutes later wearing all of the suits, and headed for the door. The security guard and about three or four other guys gave chase and caught him by his car in the parking lot. The security guard got his arm broke trying to prevent the big white guy from opening the car door. Finally, the big guy was wrestled to the ground and subdued. He probably couldn't move too well with all of those suits on. The cops came and took him away.

Later on, I asked the security guard how it turned out. He told me that the man was an executive at a large corporation, and the corporation sent a big check to Monkey Wards so that they would drop charges. The letter said that the corporation acknowledged that their executive had a little problem, and he was receiving "treatment" for it. The security guard added that the man had enough money in his wallet to pay for everything, he just did it for the thrill.