My wife and I took a trip to New York city for a vacation. We went into one of those little souvenier shops that seem to be everywhere. The storekeeper was a mid-Easterner, possibly Arabic. There was a skinny black guy in a trenchcoat looking around the shelves, with his large, loudly dressed black girlfriend. The five of us were the only people in the store. All of a sudden, the shopkeeper started admonishing the black guy, saying "Open your coat there-stop stealing-put those items back." The black girl immediately started calling the shopkeeper a racist in a very loud voice, saying "You only treat us that way because we're black. Look at those white people over there (pointing at us) you don't accuse them." She went on and on and was really working herself into a lather. The shopkeeper suddenly reached over to the black guy and pulled the trenchcoat open. It was stuffed with merchandise, including a chocolate statue of liberty that was about three feet high.

I had to laugh.. That was kind of funny. The guy and girl both split quickly and ran into the store next door. The shopkeeper looked at us and asked "Could you watch the store for a minute? I'll be right back." What are the odds he would have asked us that if we were black? Pretty darn slim. Anyway, he came back a few minute later and thanked us and said he had warned his neighboring shopkeeper about this pair of thieves. By that time, we had only been in New York for about half an hour.

I know so many black people that make me feel very optimistic about the future of this world.  Martin Luther King has got to be rolling over in his grave when this kind of shit happens.