Shot Down in Madison

My future wife (I call her "Bird") and I were leaving a movie theater in Madison when I noticed a scuffle in front of the pool hall right across the street. Two Cubans (Castro had recently emptied his jails, sending the worst ones over here) were pushing and shoving and yelling at each other. I kept watching them as we walked across the street. Suddenly, one of them pulled out a pistol and shot the other a couple times at point blank range. The shooter took off running and bumped into me as he ran down the street. People were just standing around with dumb looks on their faces. The shooter was running down State Street and ducked into an alley about half a block down. I started to follow him because it looked like he was going to get away. My future wife, smart woman that she can be, grabbed my arm and stopped me. She told me "stop you idiot he's got a gun".  The hombre was soon captured by the police. The two fuck-heads had been drinking and arguing all day long. Sometimes it pays NOT to get involved. Thanks, Bird. Yer the best!